"I AM" the Change I See in this World

I am a Healer, Catalyst, Mystic, and Visionary. I have been in the field of Healing Arts for the past 13 years. I have a Passion for Life and to be of Service to the Highest Good for all Life on this beautiful Earth. My Journey of healing and self-worth is ongoing and I am grateful to be able to support and serve others on their own path of self-realization and healing.

Synchronicity is all around us all the time, however most of us are not present enough with ourselves and our environment to recognize these synchronicities. That is beginning to change. This moment is one of those synchronicities. Let me say to you, you are worth every moment of joy, peace and happiness, free from suffering. Welcome to the next step in your evolutionary journey back to who you have always been. The Universe works in the most magical ways and the potential that you are here, reading this at this moment, is an indicator from the Universe that you are right where you need to be for You. Something inside of you may be yearning for a change or inspiring you to step out of old patterns that are no longer serving you. I welcome the opportunity to support your expansion, healing, and higher potential.


My style of therapy/coaching/healing is unique. I have an acute awareness of witnessing you and the way your energy presents in body language, words, emotions, and what you are not saying. I reflect this back to you in ways that open up dialogue, invite you to feel into your experience, and allow you to see your patterns (thoughts/feelings/behaviors) in a different way. The space I hold is Sacred and your unfolding is Sacred, therefore the container we build together will allow you to experience safety, non-judgement, and compassion. My own work over the past 13 years has informed me how to show up and hold space for each individual, regardless of what their experiences may have been. I love to watch people come home to their own self-love and dissolve old ways of thinking and being. You will leave your experience with me feeling more spacious and illumined to make more informed, conscious choices for your own journey.

  • I hold a Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling

  • I'm a Licensed Masters Addictions Counselor #161

  • I'm an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist 

  • I have my 200hr YTT certification

  • I'm a SourcePoint Therapy® Practitioner