A Journey Into Self-Love, Compassion, and Your Higher-Self

Experiential Healing



I hold a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling with a focus on addictions. I have been trained in and utilize cognitive behavior therapies as well as cognitive restructuring. I use these modalities to observe the way we talk to ourselves and others, and how this perpetuates patterns of limitation, blockage, and self-sabotage. I am an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, completing a two year program of deepening my own healing and training through hypnotherapy from The Wellness Institute. I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bhakti Yoga and incorporate Bhakti (devotional service) as a Way of Life, on and off of the mat. 


Energy is in us and all around us. Energy medicine is woven into my practice. I am a SourcePoint Therapy® Practitioner. SourcePoint Therapy® is a non-invasive energetic diagnostic and treatment system that strengthens the physical body's connection to the Blueprint of human health. For more information on SourcePoint Therapy® visit www.sourcepointtherapy.com 


I utilize mindfulness, meditation, conscious breathing, and somatic experiencing where I invite you to cultivate your own observance and awareness of your life. All of these skills and modalities are incorporated into the services that I provide. You are the expert on you and together we will use any or all of these practices to meet the need that you present with in your session. Welcome home precious heart, breathe and expand. Love, Illumination, and Healing are yours to claim.​ Sat Nam

"Knowing who you really are Liberates you. As you learn to cultivate tools that let you see, there are no limits to your Greatness."


How I Can

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Every moment we are experiencing something. For many of us this is a combination of so many factors; daily stressors, anxieties, to do’s, worries mixed in with joys and a...
Experiential Healing
1 hr 30 min